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Job application forms to Izmir University of Economics are filled out by the applicants and those forms are kept in the CV-Bank at the Directorate for Human Resources.


The Law Nr. 5615 and the Income Tax Law Nr. 193 were amended and from January 1rst, 2008 on the application of private expense reduction is replaced by minimum subsistence allowance. All our staff that will start working in our university are to fill out a Family Notification Form and submit it to our Directorate.

Our staff is kindly requested to pay attention to the following points while filling out this form:

The word ‘spouse’ defines people who are married to each other LEGALLY.

The term ‘child’ defines children who live with the employee together or who are looked after by him or her (those who get means of subsistence, those who were adopted and the grandchildren who have lost their father or mother, and who live with the employee together) and who are under the age of 18 or who are under the age of 25 and still studying.

These employees who get salaries from more than one employer are to submit this form to the employer from whom they get the highest salary.

All modifications on the form (marriage, divorce, birth, death, etc.) are to be conveyed to the Directorate of Staff within a month.

The spouses who have income such as retirement pay or who are self-employed and don’t get a salary, to be considered as ‘non-working spouse with no income’.

In cases where both parents get salaries, the children are to be registered on the form of the parent, who is looking after them.

The staff who would like to make use of the minimum subsistence allowance due to the children who are being looked after by him/her are to add a ratified copy of the court decision to this form.

According to the laws, the staffs who declare the family notification form are responsible for any tax fines, if the declaration is not made on time or if it is made incorrectly.

In such cases, this staffs has to undergo procedures in accordance with the Tax and Labour Law. When the documents are not submitted on time, there will be no minimum subsistence allowance on salaries and according to the law, they cannot be paid retroactively. Therefore, all staff has to pay attention to this issue.


Marital StatusSalary (TL)Marital StatusSalary (TL)
Single 191,88

Married, spouse not working, no children 230,26Married, spouse working and no children 191,88
Married, spouse not working and 1 child 259,04Married, spouse working and 1 child 220,66
Married, spouse not working and 2 children 287,82Married, spouse working and 2 children 249,44
Married, spouse not working and 3 children 326,20Married, spouse working and 3 children 287,82

Married, spouse not working and 4 children 326,20Married, spouse working and 4 children 307,01

Married, spouse not working and 5 children 326,20Married, spouse working and 5 children 326,20


The documents to be prepared at termination of employment

Form of termination of employment of the Staff

Release Form


Leave Forms

Form for a yearly leave (The academic staff can obtain these forms from the secretaries of the faculties, institutes and high schools where they are working or from our Directorate for Administrative Staff.)

Form for a leave due to a social event or excuse: (The academic staff can obtain these forms from the secretaries of the faculties, institutes and high schools where they are working or from our Directorate for administrative Staff.)


Residence Affairs of Foreign Staff

Residence Declaration :Download (WORD/PDF)

Job Demand Form for Academic Staff: (WORD/PDF)

This form is to be filled out by all academic staff who will take up his/her post.


Group Health Insurance

Application Form: (Page 1

Compensation Demand Form: Download (PDF)


Communication Data Form

Information Form: (WORD/PDF)