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After the sick note has been obtained, it is to be submitted to our Directorate in the same day with the signature of approval of the department head.
The reduction will be made in accordance with the number of the days given in the sick note. You can receive all the money but for two days at the post office after the procedures have been completed by our Directorate.

When there’s a change in your marital status, you are to submit a copy of your new ID card and a copy of your marriage certificate and in case of a divorce, a copy of the court decision about divorce and a copy of your ID card alongside with a Family Status Notification Form to our Directorate.

You legally are to notify us of your change of address by filling out the related information form.

Academic and administrative staff information form

Family status information form

You can take a three-day marriage leave and you have to fill out an administrative leave form in relation with it.
You have to come to our Directorate to fill out a form for a new card. 25TL is deducted from your salary by our Directorate as the price of a lost/stolen card. The changes in marital status or due to a promotion do not entail any payment.

If you’ve worked in Izmir University of Economics between

0-6 months 14 days (two weeks)

6-18 months 28 days (four weeks)

13-36 months 42 days (six weeks)

If more than 36 months, 56 days (8 weeks) in advance you have to notify the unit head of your intentions and submit your resignation papers to him/her.

Your termination of employment procedures are done in accordance with your contract and the Labour Law.
After you have given your letter of resignation with the date of your leaving to your department head, you are to come to our Directorate and take a discharge certificate and you are to visit all units and give back all equipment, objects, etc. Registered on your name and write with your own handwriting and sign a release form and submit your magnetic card to our Directorate.
In order to get your health number which is necessary to make use of health services, premiums for 30 days (1 month) for each calendar year have to be paid to your name. In order to make use of health services for your spouse, child, father and mother whom you have to look after, premiums for 30 days (1 month) must have been paid, too.

According to the Labour Law Nr. 4857 Article 74 women staff get 8 weeks prior to and 8 weeks right after birth altogether 16 weeks paid leave. If her doctor approves of it, the women staff can be working at her work place at the latest 3 weeks before the birth provided they can supply a report for it. In this case, the 5 weeks that they do not take before the birth are added to the 8 weeks after the birth; therefore, they can take a 13-week leave after they have given birth.

The staff takes a medical visit form with an appropriate date 8 weeks before the birth and goes to the hospital and get a temporary incapacity to work document. One copy of this document is kept by the staff and one copy is submitted to our Directorate.

The academic and administrative staffs come to our Directorate after the termination of their birth leave and they get sent to SGK or to the post office to get their incapacity to work pay after the necessary procedures have been done by our Directorate. For infants less than 1 year an hour and a half nursing time can be given.

You can get a Group health insurance application form from our Directorate or you can fill out the following form and submit it to our Directorate.
Application Form: (Page 1) |  (Page2
You can reach them here:
You have to go to SGK and get a document testifying the fact that you’re entitled to retire. You write a petition to the unit you work for to initiate your retirement procedures. After approval by your unit head and the Rectorate your petition comes to our Directorate and we initiate your retirement procedures. You go to SGK Izmir Regional Directorate with the documents issued by us and finish off the procedures.
The leaves to be taken by the administrative and academic staff in Izmir University of Economics are subject to the following rules. The leave forms are in the units that the staff work for.

They are classified into two categories:

a)      Paid annual leave

b)      Administrative, excuse or social leave

n order to be entitled to take a paid annual leave the staff must have worked at least 1 year in Izmir university of Economics. After having worked for more than a year,

a)      From 1 year to 5 years (including 5 years) 14 days

b)      More than 5 years but less than 15 years 20 days

c)      Fifteen years (included) or more 26 days

Upon the request of the staff;

a)      When he/she gets married or when his/her mother, father, spouse, child or sibling dies, a three-day administrative leave can be taken.

b)      When his wife gives birth to a child, a five-day administrative leave can be taken.


The procedure to follow when taking a leave:,

Academic staff can obtain these forms from the secretaries of the faculties, institutes or high schools they work for and from our Directorate for Administrative Staff.

The staffs who wish to take a leave signs the administrative, excuse and social leave form and get it approved by the unit head and send it to our Directorate.

The disciplinary procedures of the administrative staff are followed according to the related articles of the Labour Law Nr. 4857 and the directives for administrative and technical staff of Izmir University of Economics.

A disciplinary investigation will be initiated against staff who

a)      Fail to protect the University’s interests and reputation

b)      Fail to execute duties according to the rules and procedures that are deemed appropriate in the university

c)      Exceed their limits of responsibilities and authority

d)     Neglect the measures taken for a good working atmosphere and a smooth working order.

The Rector is entitled to initiate a disciplinary investigation. When the Rector is informed about the disciplinary offense directly or indirectly, he can implement the investigation personally or delegate it. During the implementation of the investigation the procedures are to be followed in accordance with the disciplinary statutes about the directors, teaching staff and employees of institutions of higher education.

The disciplinary penalties to be rendered for administrative staff of Izmir University of Economics are listed below if the staff does not accomplish their duties and responsibilities in accordance with laws, rules and regulations and statutes:

a)      Warning: A written note for the staff to be more careful with his/her behaviour and duties

b)      Reproach: A written note for the staff to notify them that he/she has been found faulty in his/her behaviour or duties

c)      Termination of employment: It means the termination of employment in the university.

In following situations a warning can be given for the staff:

a)      Being indifferent, careless and untidy with his/her duties, being busy with other things than his/her duties during the working hours

b)      Being used to come to work too late or leave work too early without a permission or an excuse (coming to work too late three times within a month

Or leaving work too early three times within a month)

c)      Behave in a disturbing manner towards his/her superiors or colleagues, behave in a negative way to disrupt collaboration and work run.

d)     Behave in a way that cannot be approved of due to the seriousness of the University as to clothing, appearance and demeanour.

e)      In his/her work relations to behave in such a negative way that doesn’t comply with the interests and reputation of the University.

The behaviour and actions that entail a reproach are as follows:

a)      To repeat the action that has already entailed a warning

b)      To be off duty for a day without a valid permission or excuse

c)      To encourage forming groups that may disrupt work order and peace in the university and to take part in such groups

d)     To encourage his/her colleagues to neglect work and to hinder their work

The contract of the staff is terminated in cases as listed below and in addition to the conditions of the unnotified termination of employment as stated in the related articles of the Labour Law:

a)      To repeat the action that has already entailed a reproach

b)      To disclose secrets for any possible reason that concern the University, real and judicial people who are related to the University and its partners

c)      To misuse his/her duties or to get personal benefits directly or indirectly from them

d)     To falsify documents including electronic messages or to let other people render falsifications

e)      To assume duties outside the University without a written permission of the University direction, to assume active duties in the authorized committees of the political parties

f)       To behave socially and politically in such a way that it can harm the neutrality, name and reputation of the University

g)      To commit a crime while employed in the University and be sentenced to imprisonment for more than 7 days and if this imprisonment is not postponed or even if pardoned, to be found guilty and to be imprisoned due to a infamous crime

h)      Not to come to work on two subsequent days without taking any permission or without having a substantial reason or not to come to work on the first day after a holiday twice within a month or not to come to work on three days within a month

i)        To come to work intoxicated or under the influence of drugs and to use alcoholic beverages or drugs at work

j)        To endanger work due to his/her own wish or negligence, to harm equipment and objects that are being used in the University in such a way that the repair would cost more than ten days’ wages of the employee concerned

A warning is given to the staffs that have been considered faulty by the department head, and it is given to department heads, deputy general secretary and the general secretary by the Rector. A reproach and the termination of employment are given by the University Administration Committee that acts in lieu of a Disciplinary Committee. The General Secretary declares the penalties.